“Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say.”
― Dr. SeussGreen Eggs and Ham

Who would have thought that a single hashtag on an Instagram photo would end up consuming my life for the better part of a year? 100 days of eggs was a motivation to pay as much attention to breakfast as I do all of my other meals and think of 100 different ways to prepare eggs. While more of a joke at first, it slowly turned into 6 months of a messy morning kitchen,  an endless stream of questions about my cholesterol, and a constant battle to snap a decent pic before my food got cold.

My hope is that it inspires people to experiment a bit with breakfast and think twice about grabbing that cereal box every morning.


Dustin Wickett is a director, producer, and designer for an ad agency in Pittsburgh and an amateur chef in his free time. He’d like to thank his friends for letting him flood their news feeds with constant eggs and for all of the brunches that provided inspiration. For questions on any eggs or to check in on his ldl levels, contact him at 100daysofeggs@gmail.com


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